A pilgrimage to the spiritual messages of nature

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For pilgrims, mountain friends, nature lovers, historically interested and spiritual people.


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Includes 10% VAT

“The light-flooded mountain LUSCHARI” takes us on a fascinating search for the millennia-old origins of the pilgrim tradition and explores the spiritual secrets of the Julian Alps. It develops into a detective journey into a hitherto unexplored, mythical, distant past.

Readers' comments

This fascinating idea of pilgrimage has been with me ever since I read the book. The worship of the sun and the associated rituals have endured to this day, structuring the year and giving gratitude. The book opens up such a great approach to understanding nature.

G / Villach

Thank you for the interesting story describing the meaning of the sacred mountains and the scientific origins of the religion. There’s a lot of new things to discover. The book conveys a great cultural heritage that is valid throughout the Alpine region. Thank you for the insights!

A + L / Klagenfurt

It is impressive how deep the author’s thoughts reach and simultaneously link the knowledge from far out in the world with the Lussari mountain! This quest to understand the Sacred Mountains in the Eurasian region goes far back into the past and is an enlightening gift for all who are interested.

R + B / Valcanale

The idea for this book arose from the personal experience of the natural scientist and author Helmut Tributsch, who was able to uncover the background to the attraction of sacred mountains through his contact with the most diverse cultures and religions in the world. This book shows the profound connection between man and nature, between faith and landscape.